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Day 6: park Shin Hye


Saturday is a day to have fun and let loose without worrying about the next day. 


i'm excited because one of my best friends is going to my college now!

She was originally going to go to a private school in Washington, but she decided against it in the end due to the cost, plus the fact that she is still unsure about her major. So she is going to be attending the first two years of community college with me :) 

Besides her, I have two other friends staying in San Diego but they are going to a SDSU (San Diego State University), one still in high school, but my other friends are going to be off around the country. One in Pennsylvania, two in Boston, and one in Conneticut. 

If I could go to school with any of my friends I would pick her (the one who is coming with me to community), because we are so alike- we are got really weird and random and love nerdy things. I mean she was the one who introduced me to Lord of the Rings (automatically awesome), and in return I showed her K-pop ^.^ 

(Taemin is her bias)
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