I just love this song way too much! ^^

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Day 7: AJ

ok, my least favorite day of the week is Sunday, so far! I dislike all the stress of knowing next day is Monday, and if I don't dislike Monday it's just because the previous day I hated it enough... lol... does it even make sense? Going back to the routine is not as bad as having to prepare everything to do it so yeah, I dislike Sundays! Moreover, Paris is a dead city on Sunday! everything is closed! it's so frustrating! I hate it! >_<
Why did I leave Jaeseopie for Sunday then? simply because my motto is 'the best for last' ^^ and having a date with him would make my day wayyyyy better!

Oh, AJ, you're too wonderful and amazing to be real! hahaha T____T 

well, for the date we'd go out for an ice cream (i love icecream<3) an walk holding hands on our way back home where he'd help me with all my work and he'd prepare some snacks when we're done with it, after that his idea would be watching a movie, but it'd be so boring that we'd end by turning off the Tv and I'd ask him to sing me a song... I'd be so happy to actually care about the song, at the end we'd just cuddle on the sofa and make plans for the week ^^

*I'm so proud and happy for my baby! He's finally going to Columbia, he loves NY, he has nice personality so I'm sure he'll enjoy his time there, he'll rest, eat and live properly, he'll finally be able to experiment a 'normal' life, without fans stalking him, or at least not too many fans...xD I'm sure he'll make a lot of friends and maybe he'll date some girls and be happy, I just hope what NH said about his comeback will be truth, but if not, I'm sure he'll be successful in whatever he does, either if he's really rejoining U-kiss in the future as they said (then, it'd be just 6 months!) or if he decides not to... ahhhh such a weird day... I'm tired even though I've done nothing! HAHA I even rejected some ice cream.... hahahah I should go and take a nap to get ride of these feeling! 

Finally done with the challenge!!!!! Yay! *Dancing my crazy version of To You! xD
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