You could look at the description in some of my sets and probably judge for yourself what my personality might be, and we would probably never meet in real life. Crazy how the internet/world works. How you could know about someone and not even know what they look like.


To make things a bit funner, I'll use five words to describe myself. 

Confused. - I'm a teenager. Enough said.
Indecisive - Luckily I'm not as indecisive as Kourtney Kardashian (I can't believe I just referenced a Kardashian, much less watch that brain-washing show), but I can't really make up my mind.
Lazy - Same reason as confused. Plus, it's summer so..
Determined - After I get over my lazy phase, I'm headstrong in what I believe in and I hope other people can understand that.
Loving - I don't mean to be coincided, but I truly do. I love others who give love back.

Here's a funny quote from Glozell Green.
"If you like me, I like you. If you feed me, I love you." <3
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