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@chomiczynka's new collection idea: Seven Days, Seven Dates
Day 1: Minhyuk 

I was talking about my sister about this challenge and she was telling me which guys she'd choose and I was expecting all the time for her to include Eli but.... she didn't!!!! LOL she was all like, I'd date: KHJ, TOP, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Jang Woo, Kyuhyun.... CAP and Baekho! hahahaha and I looked at her like if she was crazy 'would you date a guy who's younger than your 10 years younger sister?' and she was like... ok, maybe a guy the same age as you but not younger... but this is an hypothetical case, so yeah I'd choose Baekho over Eli' o_O hahahaha and then people wonder why I'm so crazy... i think it all comes in my genes! HAHA

pointless.... I know...

ok, so Monday guy is MINHYUK! surprising? xD 
I'm the weird kind of person who likes Mondays, or at least i don't hate starting the week being busy and stuff after being LAZY during the weekend, so I'd like to do something like baking cupcakes or prepare ice cream or any other kind of dessert, then I'd like to go out (there's nothing better than shopping on Mondays! ^^) and Minhyuk would surprise me with a little gift like a stuffed toy, the only problem would be than instead of a cute sheep he'd choose a scary Elmo xD LOL! sorry, I'm not the toys type so I kinda dislike Elmo hehehe, but, ok, it's a gift FROM MINHYUK! so I'd tease him a little bit for his choice but I'd keep it (in the closet of course because his face is kinda creepy) xD but well... going back to our date I'd pick also a gift for Minhyuk (of course not an elmo xD) and we'd go back home, listening to CN BLue's music while driving (ok, I'd drive because I love driving after shopping) and then we'd just eat the desserts we previously prepared! 

oh God... why on Earth did I choose that picture of delicious Oreo cupcakes? I'm Oreo lover and I'm craving some Oreo cheesecake now T___T Where's my dad??????!!!! or the keys of my car???!
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