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My fashion fantasy begins with a soft Ivory colored pencil skirt suite and a beautiful Jasmine in my hair, I would get through the day taking notes in all of my meetings with the Fantasy stationary, and then as soon as 5:00 hits, I take off the suite jacket, spray on some Midnight Fantasy, and let the night take me!

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Wrote two years ago
It starts off as daytime look, but dramatically twists into my fashion fantasy! My look transforms from day to night with the blink of an eye, and I can just imagine myself in a sultry purple dress with pink stitching! I can just smell and see it now!

Wrote two years ago
Cute set! Is your Fashion fantasy more of a daytime or nighttime look? Jeans and a shirt or a little black dress? Tell us on our Britney Spears™ Fragrances Facebook Page.