1. This year has been a blur for me. I feel like I have been hiding myself. It's probably because I am afraid of my peers. They can be vicious and judgmental. It's difficult to speak your mind around them if they attack you even when you don't say anything.
2. I don't really know a lot about myself, truthfully. I haven't experienced enough yet. I haven't surprised myself. I'm too protected.
3. Songs like "Blue skies" by Noah and the Whale and "Moon River" by Audrey Hepburn make me feel protected. It's weird, I know. It's like a hug.
4. I want to cut my hair really short- like Emma Watson- but I don't know if I could pull it off. Would it look like a Mom cut?
5. I hate when people ask me why I dress do fancy. It's like, "I'm wearing a summer dress, it's not fancy it's what i am comfortable in." People in my grade think that if you don't wear Hollister or Abercrombie or Delia's you are a nerd. Gr. I hate it.
6. I really want a brownie. Yum.
7. My hair color changes a lot. Sometimes I'm ginger, or brunette, or blonde. It's odd.
8. I wish to be like Amy Pond, Audrey Hepburn, Elle Fanning and all of my other role models. They are all so remarkable and unique.
9. I could do so much more than be told what to do. I feel like I could be so much greater.
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