Thank you all so much for supporting me, liking and commenting and messaging me! You're all so sweet!

I love you all so very very much, and I'm so grateful for each of you!

I was tagged by @theshyblogger, thank you! I'm just going to reply if that's alright!

1. What your favourite song ever?
Kiss Me - Eddo boyyyyy (Sheeran)
2. Summer vacation or winter vacation?
Winter (even though I've never been on a Winter one....)
3. What attracts you in a boy/girl?
A stunning smile, a hearty laugh, a goofy sense of humour and subtle sexiness. ;)
4. Being on a diet and having the 'perfect' body or eating what you like and not having the 'perfect' body?
Um, funny this, I'd say option2 because I can't live on a diet, but I'm trying to be healthy (I have skin problems and gut things etc. - that sounds gross but it's not THAT bad) so I am currently on a diet. BUT EVERYONE ID STUNNING!
5. What's the sweetest thing that someone ever did for you?
6. What's you favourite band?
Asked me a few months ago and I would have screamed ONE DIRECTION in your face, but now I'd say it in a much less enthusiastic way. They're amazing but I'm not obsessed anymore!
7. Craziest thing you ever did with your friends?
Pfff. Honestly? No idea. I do weird things.
8. Tell one thing you really, really want to do in your life if you don't have to think about money, your health...?
Track down the Harries twins (not in a stalkerish way - just go to London and see if I can find them lol (I know it's the least likely thing ever dw)) and become their wife/best friend :)
9. Winter + hot chocolate or summer + cocktail?
Oh, Winter and hot chocolate ALL THE WAY.
10. One place/country you really want to visit?
London, England. It's always been #1 on the list.
11. What do you think about my polyvore/style?
You're pretty cool! This is the first time I've seen you so I'm going to do a tad of sussing ;)

Thanks for reading people and thanks @theshyblogger for you're questions xx
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