I was tagged by the beautiful, truly wonderful @rach-tulla, thanks hun xxxx

1. What's your favourite clothing store?
Um no idea. I haven't really had the chance to visit really amazing stores, there's not too many fab brands in the hole where I live....
2. If you could marry a celebrity who would it be?
Jackson Harries. Love ya baby xxxx
3. Favourite TV show?
HIMYM. Just watched a juicy episode of the Block Sky High though. I love heaps of shows though, and I promise Rach - soon I'll get onto Vampire Diaries!!
4. Favourite Movie?
John Tucker Must Die (sly wink ;), Tangled, oh there's so many..... ROMEO and Juliet.
5. What is your biggest fear?
Never finding my true love <\3
6. What country are you from?
7. Hair up or down?
Up. Yeah.
8. Favourite Actor?
Um Leonard Whiting ;) nah..... Jack Harries.... but Hollywood actor probably like Will Smith or Zac Efron. There's some pretty fine actors out there... it's so hard :O
9. So you can go to a party with Zayn Malik or chill at home with Ed Sheeran, which do you choose?
OMG this is my question!!! Has this been going around? Wow I'm so happy!!! Home with Eddo all the way though ;)
10. Heels or flats?
11. A fun fact about you.
I'm ugly.

There you are. :)

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