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1. favorite female celebrity's style?
Hmmm, as much as I don't like her Taylor Swift has a good closet, but then I like models like M. Kerr and Cara. Cara is always really fun and I like that!
2. camo or floral print?
3. link me to your favorite fashion blogger.
I don't really have one :/ but if you want check out MY fashion tumblr, maisyandmygoldfish.tumblr.com
4. favorite color to wear? (not black, white, gray or browns) - color! <3
I love orange, but blue probably looks best on me, orange washes me out but I can wear any shade of blue. I love blue.
5. is your hair long or short?
LONG! Half of my back and as thick as a lion's main. Not even kidding. Probs thicker.
6. heels or flats or sneakers?
Flats. I like sandals. Stylish sandals.
7. quick, fire! what 3 things do you grab?
My teddy, my puppy, my ipod.
8. what kind of music do you listen to?
Ed Sheeran. I never stop. #youneverstoplistening
9. if you are not from the USA, have you ever been here?
I've never been to America! I live in Australia and the only time I went overseas was when I went to Thailand and a little of Malaysia too. That was incredible. I'd love to visit America though!
10. If you do not live in NY, do you want to visit? and why?
OF COURSE I'd love to visit NY, shops, city, people. It would just be amazing!
11. nail polish or bare nails?
Nail polish when you can be bothered (not a lot for me, but for occasions and stuff)!

My Questions: (dis is all gonna be about boys because I can't get my mind off him atm)
1. Is there a boy you like at the moment?
2. Are you dating?
3. What's he look like?
4. What does he like to do?
5. What are his talents?
6. Is he funny?
7. Smart or goofy?
8. Sexy??
9. Why him?
10. If he knew you liked him and he never really did anything.... infact he basically stopped talking to you... would you still like him?
11. Aren't boys poo bums?

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