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Tagged by the lovely @carocuixiao :)

1. Do you need glasses? If so, do you wear glasses or contacts?
No I don't wear glasses, but I might need them one day. I find glasses can really suit some people though.
2. Favorite thing on a guy?
Australian Footy shorts. Mmmmmmmm.
3. Favorite trend right now?
I'm into simple look right now. Simple is lovely.
4. Leather jacket or blazer?
Oh! I have both.... this is such a hard choice! I prefer my leather jacket that I own but if I had a really nice blazer I'd love that. Not sure if my answers are making any sense :/
5. A language that you'd love to learn?
I'm learning French, and loving it!
6. Tell me about the funniest thing you've ever seen or experienced.
Well this could go on forever, and would have lots of detail, but something I was talking about today was that I was walking to the train from school with one of my friends. He doesn't usually take the train, so it was nice just talking to him there. Usually I take the train (if I take it) with my little brother, but I ind of forgot about him because I was with my friend, and he was stuck at the crossing lights. As the train came around I got in with my friend and noticed my little brother coming, so I tried to hold the door open but I couldn't. It closed and I was in the train and my little brother wasn't, and it was like in the movies where it goes in slow motion and my little brother's puppy face was watching me leave while he didn't get on the train, meaning he had to wait for the next bus. My friend was laughing at me all the way to his stop. Ah, fun times!
7. Your sleeping outfit?
Those bonds crop tops (not very stylish but super comfy), undies and an over large tee.
8. Describe you hair :)
My hair was like a really light strawberry blond/orange colour when I was little, but it's now darker and doesn't really have a specific colour. Maybe light a light hazel? I have no idea to be honest.
9. Which city's Fashion Week would you like to attend?
LONDON. Milan. Paris. Frankly, I'd go anywhere!
10. Which fashion magazine would you work for?
Vogue. Strike a pose.
11. Favorite fruit?
Mango and passion fruit!!

Woo all done! I won't tag anyone because I just tagged people the other day, but I wanted to answer the questions because I was kinda bored. Gotta study for a science test now though :/

Thanks for reading if you did lol xxxxxx

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