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What's the point of a three day week end if i HAVE TO GET UP EARLY ANYWAYS??!!!1

So I made this while watching the 5SOS twitcam so it may be a bit messy because I was freaking out… idk why. Uhm so I have two twitters now because if people ask me for my twitter at school then I won’t give them one that will have a picture of harry as the profile pic XD 

So in case you didn’t know, my brother plays baseball and his teammate has a really cute brother and he’s only like two years older than me ;) but anyways, he has really pretty eyes (bright greenish blue) and he has really tan skin (like summer Zayn) and he’s really attractive… Wohoo! If you read this, describe what your crush looks like in the comments! COMMENT SOMETHING BELOW BECAUSE IT FILLS THE SMALL HEART I DO HAVE WITH JOY OKAY.

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