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Heyyy chica hope you like the set! @polkadotssparklesbows You gotta keep the outfit simple, am I right? I mean if you're having a chance to have a day with celebrity/anyone you just gotta go simple and casual. As long as you're not going anywhere fancy lol. So ya! Guys make sure to go follow her, because her sets are beautiful♥
Ask me stuff:

Cause you got that One Thing:

Here's something that'll probably make your day:

Imagine Zayn trying to impress you:


Nialler, looks like a friggin puppy..∞:
I bet your feels are messed up.

I am not turning down that opportunity:

Ohhhh Hazza..:

The boys:

Louis part in Little Things is like beautiful♥:
I hope you enjoyed them!
Loveee yaaa! Xx.♥♥

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