30 Days of K-Indie

Day 1. Didn't You Know - Romantic Punch




손 내밀면 닿을 것 같아서 
son nae-mil-myeon da-eul geot gat-a-seo-
If I reach out, I think I’ll be able to touch you

눈 감아도 보일 것 같아서
nun gam-a-do bo-il geot gat-a-seo-
Even if I close my eyes, I think I'll still be able to see you

언제라도 그대 생각만 해서
eon-je-la-do geu-dae saeng-gak-man hae-seo-
Because I think about you all the time

숨을 참아도 그대의
sum-eul cham-a-do geu-dae-ui-
Even if I hold my breath

향기가 나는 것 같아서
hyang-gi-ga na-neun geot gat-a-seo-
I think I'll be able to recognize your scent

마치 곁에 있는 것만 같아서
ma-chi gyeot-e it-neun geot-man gat-a-seo-
It seems like we’re by each other 

알아채 주기만
al-a-chae ju-gi-man-
Until you notice me

기다려 (기다려 기다려)
gi-da-lyeo (gi-da-lyeo gi-da-lyeo-)
I’ll wait (I’ll wait, I’ll wait)

내게 손 내밀어 줄 수 없나요
nae-ge son nae-mil-eo jul su eob-na-yo-
Can you reach your hand out to me

용기 내 말을 걸면
yong-gi nae mal-eul geol-myeon-
If I base everything on my courage

그대 달아날 것 같아
geu-dae dal-a-nal geot gat-a-
I think you’ll get away

어느 날 그대 날 돌아봐 준다면
eo-neu nal geu-dae nal dol-a-bwa jun-da-myeon-
If someday you look at me

감춰온 나의 얘기들을 (그제야)
gam-chwo-on na-ui yae-gi-deul-eul (geu-je-ya-)
I think all the things I’ve kept inside until now

들려줄 수 있을 것 같아요
deul-lyeo-jul su it-eul geot gat-a-yo-
I’ll be able to tell to you

몰래 몰래 바라보다
mol-lae mol-lae ba-la-bo-da
I sneak a glance towards you

혹여나 눈 마주칠까봐
heuk-yeo-na nun ma-ju-chil-ka-bwa
hoping that by chance our eyes will meet

두근두근대는 가슴 소리만
du-geun-du-geun-dae-neun ga-seum so-ri-man
only hearing the thump thump sound of my heart

달큰한 목소리가
dal-keun-han mok-so-ri-ga
If your sweet voice

귓가에 아른거릴 때면
gwuit-ga-ye a-leun-geo-leel ddae-meon
lingers in my ears

아무것도 할 수 없는 나라서
a-meu-geot-do hal su eop-neun na-la-suh
I won’t be able to do anything

알아채 주기만
al-a-chae ju-gi-man-
Until you notice me

기다려 (기다려 기다려)
gi-da-lyeo (gi-da-lyeo gi-da-lyeo-)
I’ll wait (I’ll wait, I’ll wait)


맛있는걸 먹고 예쁜 길을 보면 
mas-een-neun-gul meok-go ye-ppeun gil-leul bo-meon
Eating yummy things and looking at beautiful scenery

언제나 그대와
eon-je-na geu-dae-wa
always with you

함께 하고픈 함께 걷고픈 나예요
ham-kkae ha-go-peun ham-kkae geut-go-peun na-ye-yo
will be something I’ll want to do


Okay, I'm pretty dang proud of myself. 



It's my first time translating something, so some of it is probably wrong. But I'm still proud of myself. 

And I did some of the rom since I had to get parts of the lyrics from different sites. It was harder than the translation since rom is different for everyone.

Romantic Punch is definitely one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite. In Hyuk's vocals are amazing. Like in a way that if someone disagrees, I'll probably have to track them down and kind of hurt them.

And this song is perfect for summer, I can't stop listening to it!
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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
Awesome doll!

Wrote 4 years ago
this song is awesome!


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