So since I'm back from holiday now I can officially procrastinate again! Polyvore... Tumblr... oh how I missed you :D 

Time for another Life ramble! :D

I managed to get a rash from a tree today. Do you want to know how? Of course you do. 
My dad was trimming the hedge outside our house with shears and I decided to be nice and help trim to top and after 30 seconds it was done so I stopped. It wasn't till a minute passed that I realised my arms WERE BRIGHT RED. Well that's exaggerating but they might as well have been. Thankfully it's gone down now but I now think the tree pocesses evil powers. To give rashes and to break electrical hedge cutters because everytime we get a new one they break within 6 months XD
So that was my day... how was yours?
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