time: 12:24
quote: "But i can try to hide it that's still mine.." MARIANAAAAAAAAAS TRENCH [ love this band] listen to music, is so.. PAPAPAPAPARARAPAPAPA [http://bit.ly/bwScoI huh' ]
GOOD MORNING! how are u? ahaha I'm fine so far! then, I love this face who Kristen does this picture, ahaha so original, it simply is it. [Y] for the remaining 4 days of it's birthday, my God is growing our small, aww. If you were to ask her what's birthday? I surely would ask Rob out of a cake naked [hot '] seriously! ahaha, she might as well ask this. also missing 85 days to Eclipse, by then I already gave an ant attack-waiting ¬ 'someone saw a rumor about what is going on Kristen Bree into making a movie? something crazy. But anyway, okay, for me it can even make Maria Joaquina of any movie I see. *-* Anyone read this far? ahaha '

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