doll cred: camielle

"Natalika Kurnikova.... man, i miss you." i raised my chair to give her a big old hug.

"Likewise, illaria magrelli." she chuckled.

"did you work out? cause your body is looking pretty sick." i said impressed.

"ok, now you made me not want to order dinner." she rolled her eyes.

"haha. god nat, it's been like what? months? this is a major catching up..."

"you can go first." she smirked.

"uhm, ok, uhm.. nothing new with me, actually. i am still with Cesare.."

"shocker." she cut me in.

"well, i can't help it, he made me feel good inside and out, especially when he..."

"eww.. stop it. no need to be so graphic about it. geez, illi."

i laughed. i love grossing out nat in purpose. that is one of the thing i missed most about. we then chatted and laughed into the night. we ended up paying a big fat check for the countless wine that kept pouring in. it was worth it though. so good to have her back!

xx illi
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