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  • De Marchi Veloce Bib Short
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    De Marchi Veloce Bib Short
    As the premier piece in its women's bib short collection, De Marchi's Veloce Women's Bib Shorts receive the highest end materials and construction out of the entire line. Though it's been around for a couple of years, the Veloce received a few updates this year, including redesigned areas of compression along its main body and a new Elastic Interface Technology chamois. Whether you're carving out time for daily training rides or you simply appreciate the fit and function of top-end kit, the Veloce won't make you sacrifice on either count. De Marchi starts with Lycra when constructing the Veloce, trusting a version of the fabric with an elastomeric count of 20 for a supportive, contoured fit. We wouldn't go so far as to describe it as heavy, as Lycra is still an incredibly breathable material, but the fabric provides a nearly medical-grade compressive fit around your muscles, aiming to limit the fatiguing effects of road vibrations to help your body feel better, longer. The fabric's material composition also helps it hold its shape, so it springs back to its original form after high-mileage rides or washing. This year, De Marchi felt it had room to make improvements to the back area of the bibs, reshaping the transition area between the waist and the start of the mesh bibs to provide a more stable fit without sacrificing breathability. The result is a high, supportive waist that blends cleanly with the airy, soft mesh bib. For long-ride comfort, De Marchi trusts the chamois experts at Elastic Interface, choosing to grace the Veloce with the brand's N-Dura women's-specific chamois for its plush, multi-density foam specifically designed for longer days in the saddle. A stretchy microfiber liner ensures the chamois will remain breathable in hot weather while resisting odors and chafing. It's a long cry from the original, deer skin chamois gracing De Marchi's first cycling shorts. And that's a good thing. The shorts are finished with details like jacquard leg grip...
  • De Marchi Leggera Jersey - Short-Sleeve
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    De Marchi Leggera Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    Building off 70 years of innovative design and unmistakable Italian style, the De Marchi Women's Leggera Jersey masterfully fuses comfort-driven details with graceful flair on the road. 44-gauge microfiber fabric is incredibly lightweight and quick-drying when you're riding through oppressive summer heat. Its comfort-driven design extends beyond merely keeping you cool. In fact, De Marchi strategically placed panels to maximize the jersey's overall stretch, fluidly conforming to changes in riding position without bunching or pulling. The YKK camlock zipper allows you to release excess body heat when you're suffering through extended climbs or pushing your aerobic threshold during training rides. Reflective stripes drastically boost visibility to passing traffic when you're finishing up after sunset. Additionally, the Leggera features two roomy pockets along the backside for storing spare water bottles, riding jackets, and nutrition within easy reach.
  • De Marchi Divisionism Jersey
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    De Marchi Divisionism Jersey
    We frequently extol the impossibly cool, classic Italian aesthetics of De Marchi kit, and we're unsurprised to find ourselves guilty of it once again with the Divisionism Women's Jersey. Adorned with rich plums and soft polka dots, the jersey is thoroughly regal, with the ride functionality to match its enviable aesthetics. We almost wouldn't want to subject such a pedigreed piece to the rigors of a tempo ride on a hot day, but De Marchi isn't in the business of making kit that sits around and looks pretty. Stretchy and soft, the Divisionism's polyester fabric eagerly draws moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate at the surface as you sweat, following your body movements with a close, streamlined fit. Without any telltale "aero" detailing, the Divisionism defines itself confidently as an everyday training jersey, as functional on a climbing day as it is on a recovery ride. At the back, three standard rear pockets stand guard over your favorite mid-ride snack or a few bills for a refreshing post-ride beverage at your local coffee shop.
  • De Marchi Herringbone Jersey
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    De Marchi Herringbone Jersey
    We aren't sure why it took this long for a cycling company to realize that herringbone need not be restricted to more formal attire, but we're awfully glad the in-tune designers at De Marchi caught on to the fact. The brand's Herringbone Women's Jersey more than makes up for the years we had to wait, and its clean, monochromatic aesthetic exudes class and timeless style. Ok, we're gushing a bit, but when we first saw the Herringbone Jersey hanging on a tradeshow rack with dozens of other jerseys, it was the first we noticed. Like its pattern, the jersey's construction is relatively simple, and the not-quite racing fit ideally situates the jersey as an everyday training piece bound to earn you respectful nods of approval from well-dressed fellow cyclists on the roads. The fit is equally appropriate for long base miles or casual coffee shop loops. Aside from its memorable herringbone patterning, the jersey also stands out for its soft, supple fabric construction. De Marchi trusts the same stretchy microfiber throughout the body of the jersey, and its thickness suits the jersey perfectly for spring days when a passing cloud or gust of wind can take the temperature down a few degrees -- think 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a rider's preference for hot or cold pushing it slightly further in either direction. The Herringbone Jersey is heavier than a climbing or race jersey, but it's still adept at wicking moisture away from your skin once you've warmed up in the sun. The added heft means it also feels refreshingly durable next to whisper-thin, low-denier, hot-weather jerseys. De Marchi finishes the jersey with SPF 50+ protection, reflective accents, three open rear pockets, and a zippered security pocket.
  • De Marchi 4 Season Jersey
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    De Marchi 4 Season Jersey
    When you get comfortable training in a jersey you love, ceremoniously tucking it back into its drawer when the seasons change and having to say goodbye for the next few months can be a sad affair. Not only do you have sentimental attachments to it, but you've often grown accustomed to its ideal temperature range. De Marchi eliminates the challenging transitions of the shoulder seasons with its Women's 4-Season Jersey, which features a blend of merino wool and nylon to craft an elegant, versatile piece that can transition through all four seasons, depending on how you wear it. According to De Marchi, the 4-Season's ideal temperature range is between 46 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lower end of that range assuming you'll be wearing arm warmers and a baselayer. Cyclists in certain northern climates will probably be able to find this piece's limitations, but for more moderate winters and spring mornings, we think it lives up to its ambitious name. Merino wool fibers improve the jersey's ability to regulate temperature by insulating in colder months and cooling in warmer ones, and nylon fibers contribute to a contoured fit while improving the jersey's ability to wick moisture in any temperature. As this is De Marchi, the jersey employs a strikingly subtle design that we can't help but note -- classic and elegant with a single chevron stripe and accented collar with chin protection. Other features like a full-length zipper and reflective accenting along the back of the jersey contribute to its four-season practicality, while three rear pockets and a fourth, zippered pocket provide ample space for ride essentials, whatever the weather.
  • De Marchi Classico Short
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    De Marchi Classico Short
    De Marchi aimed to create a short that can withstand all of the miles that its Veloce model can, but for cyclists who prefer to ride sans bib straps. The resulting piece, the Classico Women's Short, displays all of the classic, understated styling we're used to seeing from De Marchi with the high-end construction of the Veloce and the functionality to become a favorite piece of summer kit. De Marchi trusts supportive, breathable Lycra to construct the Classico Short, arranging each panel strategically to stabilize the hardworking muscles of your legs as you ride and keep fatigue at bay for as long as possible in the saddle. New this year, De Marchi reshaped the back and waist on the shorts, using a microfiber mesh to create smooth support along the waist and lower back, transitioning to microfiber mesh to ensure that the higher waistline doesn't detract from the short's breathability and its ability to move with you in the saddle. Further addressing comfort, De Marchi chose to include the same chamois it uses in the Veloce: Elastic Interface's N-Dura. This inclusion means you don't have to wear bibs to get long-ride comfort. The N-Dura features plush, multi-density foam arranged in a strategic topography, which aims to provide the right mix of support and relief as you tuck into your drops on a descent or sit up and stretch on your hoods during a long climb. The chamois also features a breathable microfiber liner, which helps prevent chafing and resists odors. Finally, De Marchi finishes the Classico with malleable jacquard leg grippers, held in-place gently by gel accents to prevent movement without making you feel restricted. Reflective accents help ensure you stay visible when you're racing the sunset, and SPF 50+ protection helps protect your skin from harsh summer rays -- though we can't guarantee it'll ward off tan lines.
  • De Marchi Milano Jacket
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    De Marchi Milano Jacket
    De Marchi's women's Milano Jacket combines the haute couture style evoked by its namesake city with the in-saddle functionality of the foul-weather super jerseys populating the peloton. The Milano is made from a three-layer membrane that incorporates the windproof Windtex material for ultimate protection on dry, frigid, winter rides. The Windtex protects an insulating inner face of brushed fleece that sits gently against skin or base layers, allowing for layering combinations that can maintain comfort well into the low 30s. Straps at the cuffs and collar maintain a seal against the elements, while a common theme of elastane stretch runs throughout the jacket, ensuring that its race-cut fit doesn't entail undue restriction.
  • De Marchi Classic Softshell Jacket
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    De Marchi Classic Softshell Jacket
    Although we'd like to limit our winter riding to bright, clear afternoons when the mercury registers Fahrenheit temperatures in the mid- to high-40s, our schedules don't always afford us that luxury. De Marchi's Classic Softshell Jacket addresses this, providing winter-weight armor for those determined to not let overcast, inclement weather keep them off the bike. Though the conditions around may suggest otherwise, your microclimate will think it's already spring. The jacket relies on ThermaShield material, which somehow manages to appease all of our cycling demands, regardless of how irrationally demanding we are. ThermaShield's name gives away the two functions we most immediately associate with this kind of jacket: it insulates a cyclist's microclimate under a layer of protection from the windy conditions and icy temperatures of winter. While this material isn't stretchy on its own, De Marchi uses fabric that's been woven to provide a mechanical stretch, so it conforms to your body and moves with you in the saddle. When you slip it on, you'll understand the need for this mechanical stretch, because the jacket is cut to straddle the line between racing and layering. There isn't any excess material flapping on the arms or hanging from your front while you're stretched out in the saddle, but it provides just enough room for a base layer when conditions demand. The jacket's form-fitting construction is finished off with rear pockets that can be accessed through zippers on either side and a zippered chest pocket. The elastic cuffs, tall collar, and exaggerated rear hem ensure that there are no gaps in coverage.
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