Hey !

So…today was my school play! It was really fun to do & it went great…well after I got through all my nerves! I’m sure I’m not the only one with a bit of stage fright, so I’m going to give you some tips on dealing with stage fright! :)

+& P R E P A R E

The better you get prepared the better you are going to do ! If you’re in a play, rehearse your lines read them over and remember your cues! If you’re giving a speech or a presentation read over your speech and practice with any props you will need. If you’re prepared you will be less likely to get stage fright.

+& B E N I C E 

Be nice….to yourself! Don’t push yourself too hard ! The worst critique can sometimes be yourself, so be proud of all you achieve and more importantly be proud of who you are ! Always Always do your best! Push yourself to being the best character/presenter you can be !

+& C H A R A C T E R

This is if you’re doing a play or you have to act ! The most important thing is to stay in your character! Always! Personally, staying in your character can help you with your stage fright so so much because you’re someone else! You’re acting, so there’s no need to be nervous! Just concentrate on what you have to do as a character and forget about everything else!

+& B E R E L A X E D

Stay calm! Do not panic! Breathe, think about what you’re doing, what you have to do! Don’t stress yourself to much…everything will be fine! So just stay relaxed and if you’re nervous take deep breaths! Tell yourself you will do amazing!

+& E M B A R A S M E N T 

Sometimes it’s not really being on the stage that scares you but what comes after being on stage! You have to understand that you shouldn’t be embarrassed or scared that you might get made fun , because you know what, most of those people don’t even have half the guts you had to get you up on that stage! So be proud of what you did, and hold your head high love!

I hope this helps anyone who has stage fright! And if you have anything coming up that you’re worried about or you have some stage fright, Good Luck &….Break a leg ;)

Dream On∞
Ana //@smiling-is-my-makeup 

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