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Hello. So I got a request saying we need to make tips on how to deal with real life situations so I made this! Hope you like it

-let’s start with drama; drama happens ALL around us. With friends, family, random people we know. Everywhere. Here is a major rule to dealing with drama; DONT GET INVOLVED IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY. What this means is if your mom and brother are arguing, don’t try to help unless your arguing with them too. Or if your friends are fighting, be a neutral. Don’t take sides and upset the other friend. 
If the drama DOES involve you, do your best not to make it worse. Try solving the problem as calmly and quickly as you can. Remove yourself from the problem.
-Bullying is a major problem. You bully people without even knowing it. Walking by a girl whose shirt is a little low and calling her a skink or sl.ut is bullying. Calling someone fat ugly stupid that’s all bullying. Try to watch what you’re saying, because words do hurt people.
If you’re the one being bullied, and it’s getting out of hand, you need to tell someone who can help you. Not your friends, but a parent, guardian, counselor, teacher, an adult you trust. Don’t let the situation get out of hand.
-RUMORS SUCK. So don’t make or spread them. Cuz saying something to someone will get passed along. Try to not talk about people or make up lies. Keep your opinions to yourself!
If the rumors are about you, try to stop them! Don’t let them continue. Tell people that it’s not true, and if it gets out of hand, tell someone! Rumors do count as bullying, so if people don’t believe you, tell someone who will.
-Gossip. We all do it. Even i admit i do. Talking about other people is 85% of what most conversations are. Try to avoid talking about others, even though it’s hard. 
If people are gossiping about you, try to ignore it! Don’t get into fights or protest.

Hope this helped you :)

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