For @druida who requested a Beth/Dean drabble.... this is the first of many :P

Beth rolled over, rubbing her eyes lightly. She kept them closed as she snuggled into her husbands side. 
Dean smiled and wrapped one arm around her, kissing the top of her head.
"mmmm. love having you home" She mumbled. She snuggled in alittle closer, kissing his chest lightly. 
There was a muffled cry coming from the baby monitor "Duty calls" She said and went to climbe out of the bed.
"Hey, you get a morning off, i'm doing Daddy duties today" He said "my first day off in ages, and i want to be the apple pie Dad" He said. He kissed her head softly and climbed out of bed.
Beth smirked and watched as Dean slipped on a pair of jogging bottoms.
Dean walked into his son's bedroom, the young baby smiling as soon as Dean lent over the cot. 
"Hey there Mister" Dean smiled, picking up his 3 month old son. Joshua pushed his fist into his mouth and gurgled up at his Dad. Dean picked him up, kissing his young sons forehead. He still couldn't believe he was a father, and to such a beautiful little boy. "How are you today Joshy" He beamed.
His little boy gurgled again and rested his head on his fathers shoulder.
Dean heard a click and turned his head, smiling as Beth held the camera up "Sorry, have to catch as many moments as possible" She smiled at Dean. She lowered the camera and walked to Dean, kissing his cheek, then kissing Joshua's head gently "Hey Handsome" She smiled, stroking his head gently. He looked up at her with brilliant green eyes, just like his Dads. She loved that he had Dean's eyes, she always felt him near when he was on a hunt, just from looking into her sons eyes. "How's my little boy this morning?" She asked. He held out his hand to his Mother and she took his tiny little fingers, kissing the back of them.
"I thought i said you could have a lie in?" Dean smiled, wrapping onne arm around his wife.
"you did, but i wanted to be with my two favourite people in the world" She replied. She looked up at Dean and he kissed her softly, smiling against her lips.
"you're my two favourite people too" Dean whispered.
Josh gurgled again and bounced in his Dad's arms. Dean rested his head on Beths as they both looked at their precious little boy, perfect in every way.
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