Picture from Miracle in December's behind the scene,look at little thing Kai was holding and keep in his pocket it was a little puddle how cute for both Kai and puppy,can i have it ?
I was tagged by @fruitmachine in her cool set http://www.polyvore.com/boy_in_luv_bangtan/set?id=113534718 

1) always post rules
2) answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 more
3) tag 11 new people 

And there her question:

1.What is your favourite thing in the world?
Simple question but hard to answer well,considering thing as material I chose anything related to baseball,my cats,food and my designed.

2. When did you laugh for the last time?
I just laughed minute ago

3. Who is your favourite singer / band?
Even thought Kai is main dancer but I count him as singer so he is my favorite one.
My fab band for now is Big Bang,EXO and 2NE1

4. What is the food you dislike the most?
Raw carrot 

5. Have you ever been to the birthday party of someone you absolutely don't know?
Yep, like a birthday’s party of boyfriend/girlfriend of my friend’s friend I really don’t want to join this kind of situation again

6. What is your bad habit?
Bite fingers ,touching eyes or sudden laugh from precious joke yea I just got it why?

7. Do you like to sing?
Yes! @fruitmachine i'm sure you know i love to sing :)

8. Flower or stripes print?
Stripes all the way

9. At what time did you woke up today?
Around 4 am but take a nap again on day time lol..

10. Have you ever been scared to death of riding a roller coaster but still did it so your friend wouldn't have to go alone? 
Actually I am not scared it kinda enjoy it that much,so I don’t have any problem with it.

11. Do you prefer a day to the seaside or in the mountains?
I choose both 

My question :
1.What is your favorite Kpop song of last year(2013) ?
2.Your dream destination in Korea if you’ve a chance to spending time there?
3.Peppi or Coke why?
4.Kpop concept Girly girl or Bad girl ? 
5.Vocal line or Main dancer?
6.Your favorite rapper?
7.Have you ever trying to dancing to any Kpop song before,and which song?
8.What’s your eyes color ?
9.Blueberry or Strawberry ?
10.Do you have any kind of phobia and what is it ?
11.Tell me your 3 main Kpop guys biased ?

And i tag: (well do it or not depends on you,i tag some friends who ever tagged me)
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