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2012/05/01 A often lately:)
Inspiring Title from this song must listen>>
Jay Park:Dear, do not change live@immortal song:
Another version[Eng Sub]
I love the way he sing,dance&raps oh my day~
P.S this ver. is Jay cover not original.

Sorry for being insane ppl there..and i given this set for lovely friend who i just know recently but you're so nice to me who who??

Yep, going to @lindacaricofe Sweetie hope you'll like this set and who featuring on this set guess it Woahhhh ?
just for you dear ..thanks for always being nice/lovely to me i read all your comments that really made my day,why i just found you after i join this site almost 2 years..Hmm you're now is my sweet heart :)

Sending big hugs,love,happiness to you..take care healthy and enjoy your life sweetie.
sending from far away from you..
Kiss Kiss,Rainie:)
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