2014/06/16 "Good news we should celebrating 55555 together"
Thank you so much to following me,last 3 days ago i reaching to the 55,555 showing on my followers.
and i had seen it in time and did capture it,just see the red square for the number "55,555"<--- pure cocidence i had witness it before passing to 55,556
how amazing is it? just to see my page line up same number in a row.
reaching to 55,555 before i'll celebrate 4 years on PV. thanks a lot for always support, to share things together throw many years for both positive and negative we have had.polyvore becoming another home to stop by after my tired day from studies/working and playing baseball.

That was amazing for me because 
i'm always though to myself who not even dedicated my page for featuring global fashion.
but we all know at least we have sth similar about have some love towards to fashion that why we've met.
why amazing ? because i dont get to promote on first page(long time ago i'm not remmeber),i never win PV contest, idh many likes by official sponsor nor PV choose me for their event.completely likes on my page from you guys who came to stop by(Throwing confetti)
i'm always complained about who did bothering me(so often i can't count haha<3),i'm kinda mean acc due to i dislike unfair&rude treat,i'm talkative with rant,talking too much about things that major ppl here dont know about it.but you still trying to give me opinion that's cute:)

I just love what i do and do what i love,i'm proud from where i come from,my cultures thanks God you guys not get bore with it.. it's means a lot that someone like me who come from a far really got 55,555 followers? never expect to be since i joined PV.

Maybe you guys see sth about my page.

Moreover thanks to @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial ever chose me as a member spolight 
it's my honored.

Last but not less ,more year to come 
i'll grow old with polyvore community that's cool enough.

Love you all,
I sending you lots of love from EXO Sehun's heart&Suzy~
forgive my pouty face lol..
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