hi :) 
so sorry I haven't been on much at all lately. there's been so much going on between cheerleading, math team, nhs, stuco, other clubs, work, and school that i've barely had any time to come online for fun. 
a lot has happened though :) 
i got chosen to be on my school's juniors team for moody's mega math challenge. we have a team of seniors and a team of juniors competing.
i bought a prom dress a few weeks ago! i posted a picture of it on my instagram...if you follow me on there go check it out. if not, just let me know and i'll PM you my username. 
i got my prom shoes today. now all that's left is a hair appointment and buying my jewelry.
last friday we got hit pretty hard with winter storm Nemo. i didn't have school friday, monday, or tuesday. luckily i only lost power for overnight from friday to saturday, so it wasn't too inconvenient for us.
i got an iphone 5! the at&t store gave me $205 for my 4s, so i only had to pay the restocking fee.
i've been focusing on school a lot more lately. my second term chemistry grade was pretty horrific so i need to get back on track with that class.
luckily, since it's an ap it's one of my year round classes so i still have two more terms to do well and bring it up for the final.
my cheerleading team competes next thursday. i'm really nervous, to be honest.
and as of 2:00pm yesterday, i am on february vacation :)
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