ok,so there is this boy in my c lasses that i like. And the other day i told my bff i like him and she told me the same that she liked him too. and she is telling me he flirts with me all the time. And Everyone is asking me if i like him when he is around and he can hear me and it is so embarrassing. And to top it off, monday i cried in the middle of class and he stared at me the whole time. what should i do? -hannah

You have to be honest with yourself. If you like him tell him and let him a valentines card/Christmas, a message or face to face. Be brave and take the plunge. 
Him flirting with you could be his way of saying he likes you. As he hears your answer to peoples questions of do you like him etc...then he probably knows already.
If you want to be in a relationship with this guy and you feel he'd make you happy then do. Don't hold back and be forever wondering what if you asked him...when he gets another gf or leaves your life.
As for you crying and him staring...he was most likely wondering if you were ok as he cares...or you were the most interesting thing to look at, that moment.
Stay positive and don't keep hiding your feelings. Well done for admitting you like him to your friend..first step and second is admitting it to harm in finding out what you bound to want to know...does he like me too?
Smile- hope everything works out how you wish it to go.
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