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Okay so I met a guy today. Actually, our families have been friends for a while, but I haven't seen their children since I've been born. Anyway, you know how you make these lists in your mind about what your perfect guy would be like? I know it's probably not the best to do, but I make them all the time. Well, he pretty much exceeded any list I had and I...I just can't even...
I feel like I could have talked to him for the rest of the night and he's just amazing. The problem is that I meet him now, right before I'm going back up to school and we're not even close by their house or anything. So I know I should tell my heart to calm down and face reality that I'm pretty sure I'm just seeing him as perfect, but I can't. 
It's weird though because he and his sister were such great people to get to know but everytime he said something it would shock me because whatever he said completely lined up with what I wanted in a guy and I don't know, it's silly. Now I feel like I'm just typing aimlessly because I won't ever be able to explain him to you. I also know even if there was a chance it would never work out because we're too far away distance wise and he is only a year younger than I am (which is weird because I usually go for older guys) but also because our colleges are so far apart and he wants to be a musician (which I also usually don't go for) and I am completely in awe of his talent but I know that there are probably a million girls bidding for his attention but he is just so nice and Ugh, now I'm rambling. Whatever, I just mean to say that whoever he ends up with should be very lucky.

good night.
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