Stay at home all day long coz i have no schedule today. 
Watching The Wolf of Wall street and Leonardo DiCaprio continues to reach new heights in his acting and producing careers. Congrats to him. He turned in an amazing performance and is the driving force in The Wolf Of Wall Street’s incredible box office run.

ps: This is me in those pic ;)) thinking about cutting my hair. Last time i cut my hair about 3 years ago. Maybe coloring my hair lighter.

Long time I haven't do tag like this, I have time i found it pretty fun lol
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A - AVAILABLE : of course 
B - BIRTHDAY: September 17th
C - Crush on : hmmm...I got a boyfriend and he is younger than me in real life. In Kpop I crush on many handsome guys lol esp Sehunnie 
D - DRINK last had : water
F - FAVORITE SONG : so far but recently my fave song is My turn to cry by Exo, this song is my ringtone too 
G - Gummy bears or Gummy worms : Gummy Bears
H - HOMETOWN : Vietnam
I - IN LOVE WITH : hmmm...
Someone killed - K : maybe in my nightmare 
L - LONG CAR RIDE : 3 year ago from my city Hanoi/ Vietnam to Guangzhou/China for Super Show 3. It was take 12 hours 
N - Number of siblings : 1 Brother
O - One wish: so hard to choose...
R - Reason to Smile : I'm the type of girl who smile easily
S - LAST SONG sang : Hope Is A Dream That Doesn't Sleep - KyuHyun
T - time you woke up : 8:00
W - WORST HABIT : People are bashing kpop group. i really hate it when they are saying that KPOP idols doesn't really know how to sing. I just hate it when they get bashed because of some immature people that doesn't really know what's behind them.
t's okay that they don't like Kpop but it's horrible that they judge it and say bad things about this genre of music.it's their lost. They will never understand the amazing feeling we get when we find out our Idols are having a comeback. They won't understand the feeling of loving something enough to get pass language barriers. Sorry for such a long response. this is something that I really need to speak out about and get it off my chest.
X - X -rays you've had : 
Y - YEARS LIVING WHERE YOU LIVE : 21 years in my Hanoi city and then i move to Ho Chi Minh city for new job, it's been a year
Z - Zodiac sign : Virgo
- Favorite animal? Dog
- What color do you use most ? White/ Grey
- Least favorite color : Blue/ White
- What you're listening to: Someday - Vixx
- Can you whistle? hmmm a little 
- Do you believe in magic? hmmmm.
- Love at first sight? yes :">
- Do you believe in Santa Claus? hmmmm
- Do you like roller coasters ? Yes
- Have you ever been on a plane ? Yes
- Have you ever been to the ocean? Yes
What was the last thing you bought? a New Balance shoes
- What was the last thing on TV you've seen? masterchef junior
- Do you cry when you get an injury? Yes
-Do songs make you mourn ? Yes, especially when I listening to 7 years of love by Kyuhyun
- Are you a happy person ? I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls ;))
- What is your current hair color ? Bright brown

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