I promised that I would write another chapter for a few of my dear friends, so here comes the story, and please read everything, so you could understand. This story has tons of detailed information and you need that to be capable of developing the understanding of the mystery through out the whole entire thing . ♥

Chapter One
[ Past ] 

John rushed out the front gates of the castle, being definite as much as possible, as his wife screamed in agony. The gates flew open, causing a sudden crash through the battles of light and darkness. John was going through a rough position, and he was trying finalize all of his problems, including all of the hardcore stress aching through his veins. His blue-eyes widened as he looked up in the air, hearing the dragons from the East burning the houses of innocent families. 

John guaranteed that he would soon approach the end of his life, only to sacrifice his beloved daughter. Darkness and light have connected and they have produced the bloody aching conflict that ruins the two kingdoms from the East and the North, which would be war. 

Within a few minutes, John entered the domain, which was filled with warriors and knights fighting to receive their majestic glory. John was not able-bodied to defeat any creature or knight, as he hid and covered from the beasts, trying to walk towards the entrance towards the North Kingdom. His hesitation showed as the sweat on his face collided with the marks and bruises of solid blood. John faced the concreted floor, hearing the screaming in the background, as his sword released it's inner emotion of depression. Everything in his life was soon going to end, as the colors slowly turned off into the dim gray and black. He was trying to take management over his body, but everything seemed to stop functioning as he dwindled around with his fingers, trying to hold his heavy armed-sword. 

John fell on the floor, like a useless man that has never caught the true meaning of happiness, as memories of his beloved daughter and wife slowly entered his mind, like a gentle breeze of harmony. The merriment of his child sniffing the air of magic as she learns the powers of nature. He tries to give a healthy smile as the life of John Lynch has know ended and his soul was captured from the shadows of darkness.......

[ Present ] 
Zelda roamed around the woods, noticing the birds feeling the radiant sun on their beautiful feathers, which made her smile widely, as memories of the first moment her foot stepped among the dirt and the trees were a light colored-green. 

She looked down, feeling like a majestic goddess, receiving another delinquent memory of her father blabbering about his beloved daughter and how she reminded him of the creators of nature, which would be a goddess. 

Her eyes widened as she heard the other kingdom yelling for a haunt to destroy her land, as her eyes fell to the floor, not wanting to feel the tears streaming down to her cheeks, as she held back the emotions and tried to stay calm and determined. Her father died and risked his life for her own, and she was grateful for everything, but the only thing she wanted was for the two separate kingdoms to stop the frequent battles and war. 

Zelda stuttered as she remembered a warrior from the East land opening the gates, preyed upon for glory and passionate light.....

Suddenly, she heard someone yelling in the background, but the voice was ordinary and soft like the petals of a gentle flower. Zelda turned around, walking towards her mother who was yelling in hesitation, probably thinking that Zelda was captured from the other kingdom warriors and knights. 

Zelda lived in a small village, trying to hide so they don't maintain more fear from the East Kingdom. She waved at her mom, from far away, feeling a slight breeze, as she simply walked towards her mum.
"Why are you yelling" Zelda asked, in a suspicious toned voice, as her mother gave a stern expression.

Her mother, who was named Julia, gave a warming smile, so she doesn't worry her beloved and precious daughter "I'm sorry, dear. I was worried about you, I don't think you should go to the w-woods anymore..." Julia commented, as her eyes roamed around, hoping nobody heard or observed their strange conversation.

Zelda took a step away from her mother, trying not to cause a conflict or be a rude child with a conceited mind, but she doesn't want to leave the woods. It was her home, even if she was stranded, something about nature would keep her shivers held back and all of the fear would be queerly abandoned....

On the other side, another human with a passionate desire to end the cruel war was also begging for a pause, as he stood in the bathroom, staring at his reflection, breathing heavily from all of the running, as he splashed his face with cold-water...

To be continued...
Okay, I know that this chapter could seem confusing, but I'm not giving any answers, because this is suppose to be a mystery and it's called 
"Legend of Zelda; Stop The War" 
Inspired from the game series of Legend of Zelda and the movie series Harry Potter.

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What do you mean "ship in the story?" But my favorite couple is Ron and Hermione, of course!!<3

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@fashion-patronus81 Who's your favorite couple that you ship in the story?

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@sparklymarley i love you<3

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@fashion-patronus81 You wouldn't imagine my love for HARRY POTTER . ♥



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