It's only a tree, said the old lady, it needs cut down.
It's not a tree little old lady, it's a lovely shrub, home to many of my friends.
Birds and squirrels can always find another place to stay, I want it all cut down, cut it down today.
So many people do not see what I see when looking at a tree.
I see birds sitting there enjoying the soft breeze and even the butterflies love the trees.
Fluttering with beautiful wings landing here and there.
Then at night, when we are asleep , other things continue to enjoy the tree.
Be it a shrub or a tree, too many are cut down on a whim. 
Cut down that tree, too many people say.
And so, in my neighborhood , I have watched many trees cut down, one by one they go, into the wood chopper, never to be again.
As I watch, I know my eyes are not alone...I know the birds and other creatures stare, just like me, in amazement when another tree is cut down.
If I were rich, I would buy a forest and leave it as a legacy for all those creatures that have lost their homes, due to mankind saying, cut down that tree.
This set is dedicated to a wonderful little tree that was outside my window that was cut down today.
It was a little shrub tree, but home to little birds that would greet me in the morning, a little tree that did not belong to me.
Set and words by Linda Caricofe, written when the dear little tree was cut down
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