Dear person I hate,

 I used to think you were cool. We hung out, went to the store, climbed trees, all of that with my other friend. But all of that changed when you met him. MY crush. You knew I liked him, but you showed off and acted all perfect anyway. And he fell for you. I caught you guys making out during a game of man-hunt. And then you acted like it was nothing. That tore me to shreds! My heart broke on the spot! You know what I did that night!?! YOU KNOW D*MN WELL WHAT I DID!! But we still hung out the next day. I cooled off and stored my emotions into my heart. You cuddled with him on the couch in front of me and my friend. He gave you a pet name....
 Princess. I f*cking hate that word now. It makes me sick! 
 And then you had to go home. Which was out of town. And everything went back to normal. My crush told me how he felt about me and told me he was an idiot for ever liking you. We started dating and he carved our names into a tree. Now he's my boyfriend of more than 8 months. When you came back you were JEALOUS. And it makes me happier every. Single. Day after what you did. You cussed me out, scratched our names out of the tree, threatened to HURT me! Made me feel like SH!T. And now you think we're all cool just because you said 'sorry'? I don't think so. We will NEVER be cool.
 So after all of this. I hate you, he hates you for hating me, my friend hates you.
 Sincerely, "That little brat."
P.S. F*ck you
(My friend on here will know who I'm talking about... And you know who you are.)
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