+GWW, Thea Dalton, Lip Sync Challenge
+"Don't Wake Me Up" by Chris Brown
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☆ Sunday : 
Second Challenge - We all know we love to lip-sync, and since the big VSFS is coming up in a couple weeks, which song would you like all of the girls to lip-sync to for their annual lip-dub video?


--Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown

--Thea thought about squeezing a little bit of advertising into the lip sync video and she's bringing special focus to her biggest VS guilty pleasure...slippers! Since slippers in general are often associated with sleep, Thea thought this would be an appropriate song to show them off to. She figured a song off the Top 40's Chart would keep the song known and relatable to respective audiences and be a great song to dance (and sing!) to. 

The Vision
--The models awaken in luxurious beds and are completely decked out in Victoria's Secret pajamas. The look would be very 50's, so the girls would be sporting eye masks and hair curlers as well. The camera then split screens to show the different girls getting up and sliding into their own VS slippers. The whole video would be shot with the different girls running around their houses getting ready—in the midst of singing, of course—for an event. It isn't until the end of the video that you realize all of the girls were getting ready to attend the VS Fashion Show. The music video would also capture the moment when all of the shooting is done to add a very natural vibe to finish things off with.


"Thea, you're on in ten!" Russell shouted, tossing his hair behind his shoulder and turning around. Evie sat, sprawled in her chair as the makeup team were primping her eyes and soon, hopped up to join me. Her hazelnut brown hair was swooped back by a pale blue, silk eye mask and her face really brought out the bronze in her skin.

"You ready?"

"I'm really not used to this" I frown, raising my hand to feel the huge purple curlers in my hair, "I kind of feel...old"

"Don't worry, you look fine. Let's go see how the other girls are doing!" She took my hand and ran towards the shoot. That's what I liked about Evie. She was supposed to be a judge but she acted more like a friend. It was reassuring to have her around.

"Beautiful, Achilles! Beautiful!" Russell prompted, Achilles making pouty faces on the bed, the thin silken sheets covering only small portions. She mouthed the words through coy lips, her lashes brushing the top of her cheekbones.

"That's not how I imagines this video was going to be portrayed" I rose an eyebrow, giggling. Evie shrugged. "Well, that's her thing. She's sexy and she uses it to her advantage. C'mon, let's see what the other girls are up to"

The two of us left the booming music to go backstage where girls were fluttering in and out of the doors, their bodies coated in natural sparkle. Naomi was jumping around the back with Lo, singing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun into paddle brushes with a group of girls cheering them on.

Did I have a popularity problem or something? The rest of these girls managed to find friends so easily and so far, the only one I feel like I can talk to freely are Evie and Lo. And sometimes, Lo could be intimidating. 

"I'm glad to see the girls are having fun" Evie smiles, breaking me from my thoughts, "Why don't you go join them?"

"I dunno..." I rubbed my arm, feeling like I was reentering kindergarten or something. It kind of felt like I was back in Australia, Michaela walking me to school. Me and my little Dora backpack. 

"Don't act like I haven't heard you sing before, Thea. You're a spectacle!" Evie chuckled and I blushed. I almost forgot the time she heard me singing in the shower.

Oh. You guys should probably know I have the musical sense of a wet pinecone.

"Nah, I think I have to get my nails touched up. I may have chipped them and we're on soon" I say and Evie sighs. I didn't make it to the manicure station in time and we were prompted to go onto the bed.

"Alright ladies, your scene is supposed to depict two girls waking up from a slumber party. Can you manage that?" Russell asks to Evie and I who were lying comfily on the bed. We nodded. "Great, you guys are singing the second chorus. Good luck!"

"Don't wake me up, don't wake me..."

• • •

"That was AMAZING! Did you see us! Wow!" Evie bubbled in a comatose state of happiness, running over to the snack table to grab us both some finger sandwiches. I took a small bite. 

"How do you do it?" I ask her. She stops eating and looks at me quizzically. 

"What to you mean?"

"How do you get this huge wave of giddiness after a shoot." I ask. Evie tilts her head back and laughs. 

"Have you ever felt like you were born to do something? I feel that way about Victoria's Secret. And being up there..." She grins, "It's like my drug. I can't get enough of the atmosphere."

Evie then got called to appear in the following scene and I was left to my thoughts. I had never felt that passionate about anything I've ever done. Ever. 

Was I not cut out for this? 
For anything?
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Love! Feel free to use Naomi whenever :)

Wrote 4 years ago
this is so pretty i can't even

Wrote 4 years ago
Love this! Include Evie if you want!



1st place in group contest: 'Cause all I need is a Beauty and a Beat

1st place in group contest: 'Cause all I need is a Beauty and a Beat

24 sets from 24 members. Ended 4 years ago.
- Choose a song for the girls to make a lip-dub to.
- Create a set of them wearing what you would want them to wear for the lip dub.
- Explain why you chose the song.
- Give a summary of what the video would look like.
- Create a story of your model on the set of the video.

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