Top Sets for Feb 9th, 2013 - - Thanks a billion, lovely @polyvore ♥

Hello, hello, helloo all my dearly missed polyvore friends! 

Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I was last on here...?! Holy macarons. 
I don't really have any good explanation or excuse other than that my absence started out because of a sudden and unexpected lack of internet, which lasted for quite a while, unfortunately. So I sadly just had to get used to all the lovely things about internet, such as Polyvore, no longer being on the daily agenda. And then I have just been working shit loads and on weird hours. Not coming off work until 3-4 in the morning, going out for a drink with my lovely work mates after that, then going to sleep somewhere in between 5-8 in the morning to later wake up sometime during late afternoon to get ready to go back to work at 5 pm and do it all over again. Haha! Noteworthy could be to tell though, that I work at a bar..

So there you guys pretty much have it. I'm sincerely sorry for my absence and for everything I've most likely have missed out on on here the last...urhm...2-3 months ?... and I have, though not being on here, missed @polyvore and you lovely people quite dearly. And in about 10 days I will actually (sadly ;( ) go back home to Sweden for a couple of months, so I hope to have time for some Polyvoring again! :) And my plan is anywho, for those of you who are still reading and interested in knowing what's going on in my head, to come back to Nice for the summer. Which I very much look forward to! Have met so many absolutely lovely and adorable new friends down here :) And the weather is pretty damn good as well, to be honest. 

So yeah. I think this should be all for the moment. Though I had a really nice intention of keeping this "Hey-I'm-back-and-alive-and-so-sorry-for-my-terribly-long-time-gone"-message short and sweet and not to bore you to death on the very first set in ages (silly me) I quite obviously failed horribly on this. So anyway! I'm sorry about that and I'm soo, so much looking forward to my every day life being Polyvore-lit-up again! :))

Oh! I would really like to dedicate this a bit extra to some lovely Polyvorians whom I adore for their thoughtfulness, friendship and concern - you are amazing for hanging in there, caring and missing me! :) @hijabikebabi @sharmarie @dear-inge @lollypop1 @skybluchik89 

Much, much love and magic to you fabulous people

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