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Name: Colette Lacy Morton
Age: 17
Model: Imogen Morris Clarke 
Hometown: London, England.
Never without: Diamonds on her neck and hands, lace corsets and Louboutins.

Style: Glamourous high fashion. Mostly in chic black and always a corset under.

Scent: Annick Goutal Rose Absolue

Likes: Corsets, roses, messy bedhead hair, grunge rock, high fashion, haute couture, London, self-pampering shopping sprees at any label that catches her eye.
Dislikes: Backstabbers, rude immature people, bugs, unhygienic places, bright colours, the sun, freckles.
Personality: Colette tends to do what she likes, but it does not mean she doesn't respect the people around her. She stands up for her girls and genuinely cares for them, although she may come across as blunt at times. She doesn't exactly enjoy social parties because she feels they are pretentious. She may tend to keep to herself sometimes.

- Mr. Graham Morton. 45. Colette's father. Self-made billionaire. Desires for Colette to eventually marry a rich man's son and settle in America.

- Mrs. Diana Morton. 37. Colette's mother. Socialite. Wants to go back to England to live, and for her daughter to marry an English young man.

- Edward Jeremiah Morton. 20. Colette's elder brother. Studying Medicine at Oxford University. 

Colette and her family moved over to America, 5 years ago, due to her father's business prospects. Her brother went back to study at Oxford 2 years ago. She has made friends through becoming a debutante, as she did not fit in much at school. 

Colette does not really know what she wants. She enjoys hanging out with her fellow debutantes and loves living the high life. Desires meeting a good guy too. But part of her wishes to pursue her dreams of becoming a theatre actress. 

Secret: She is a depressive. She has been in and out of mental wards but her friends are unaware.

Ava // Coeur de pirate
La petite mort // Coeur de pirate
Until we bleed // Kleerup
Body electric // Lana del rey
Summertime sadness // Lana del rey 
Prima donna // Marina and the Diamonds
Teen Idle // Marina and the Diamonds
Make me fall // Nina Nesbitt
Hanging high // Lykke Li
The call // Regina Spektor


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