today was "decade day" at school and i dressed up like madonna!!!!! and one girl was like "oh my gosh Amanda you look adorable!!!!!!" and i sorta earned the nick name of madonna in government class lol......oh and so my friend maddie and i were walking home and we saw Matt, this super hot guy from my english class who i like a lot and so he was walking behind us and she kept saying she wanted to turn around and tell him he's cute or something like that and I was like "NO! you'll embarrass me!!!" and so he probably heard us talking about him and then he crossed the street and while he was crossing she shouted at him "HEY SEXY!" lol i gave her permission to but it was sooooo funny!!!! and we were both looking over at him and he looked at us like "you talkin to me?" lol it was sooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
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