Can it be? A roleplay story? :DD

"Julia! Hurry up!' my mom yelled to me while I was getting ready. We were leaving to go to the airport. We were going to Hawaii to meet Spencer's family.

We all boarded my mother's new truck, the two youngest in the back, me and Zac in the bucket seats. We had so many luggages.
"I'm surprised we all fit," I mumbled, still groggy. I had gotten like 3 hours of sleep last night. The Christmas party was pretty fun, actually. Zac and I have so much in common.

We finally arrived at JFK, looking around at all the foreigners. When it was time to board the plane, I realized that we were in first-class. I couldn’t believe it. We never flew first class. The seats were separated, 4 in one spot, two in another.
“Me and Zac will take the two separate ones, I guess.” I told my mother and Spencer while Zac nodded.
The plane was taking off. I guess Zac saw me tense up, like I did every plane ride. He looked at me smiling and said, “We’ll be fine. Calm down.” I giggled.

Who knew from New York to Hawaii was such a long plane ride? I guess not me. I fell asleep. On Zac’s shoulder. I felt Zac move and I woke up, but I didn’t move. I liked it. A flight attendant walked over saying, “Here’s your water, and would your girlfriend like anything?”
“Umm,” Zac started uncomfortably. “She’s not my girlfriend, but I guess that she would have some water.”
“Oh,” she said embarrassed, “I’ll get on that. Sorry for the confusion.”
I felt my cheeks get hot and I sat up, slowly. Zac looked startled. He looked flushed.
“Did you sleep well?” he asked, not looking me in the eyes.
“Um, yeah. I did. Thanks. Are you alright?” I asked him
“Yeah, I just needed some water.

And then we were finally in Hawaii. The warm weather was a nice change from the brisk New York air. The first thing that we did was head to the hotel. We had a suite, which again was a nice change. My mom and Spencer decided to unpack, but all I wanted to do was go to the beach. Zac called tagging along and the boys wanted to sleep. Zac and I headed to the beach, holding beach chairs. I was sitting there, in my bathing suit and aviators, Zac the same. I wondered how we were so alike.
“Umm,” Zac started, “Why do you think that our parents never mentioned us?”
“I dunno, really.” I answered. “I met Tommy and Michael, but why weren’t you there?”
“I wasn’t ready to meet your mother yet,” he said quietly.
“I wasn’t ready to meet your father yet either,” I answered.
“It’s just-” He started but didn’t finish.
“It’s just what?” I asked, urging him to open up.
“I’m adopted.” He said. “My real mother died and my father just left us. I wasn’t ready to have a new mother already.” He said quietly looking down.
“I’m so sorry,” I said, feeling selfish for not wanting to meet his dad. “I didn’t know about your Dad’s kids.”
He looked at me with confusion in his eyes. “I wasn’t ready for new brothers or sisters. My sister just recently passed,” I said, looking him straight into the eyes.
“I didn’t know that, I’m sorry,” he answered.
“But it’s okay,” I said in a happier tone. “At least we’re all happy together now,” I smiled.

Zac and I inched closer and closer together. Suddenly my lips were pushed to his, and I immediately felt the magic between us. I pulled away between breaths, “I have a boyfriend,” I whispered breathlessly. 
“And I have a girlfriend,” he whispered right back. We both knew that this was wrong, but we didn’t care. Fate had brought the two of us together.

Oooh! So what do you guys think? I don't really have a story line with this. Who do you guys like better? Zac or Matt?

Write, "Julia Long is a cheaterrr!" if you read it. :D
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