December Fashion Horoscopes

December marks the end of 2012, and this month the stars are all about making a gorgeous final statement. Check out what’s in store for your style over the next few weeks—and which necklace you should wear to make the most of it—when you click through to your zodiac sign!
  • Fashion Horoscope: Sagittarius
    "Happy birthday, Sagittarius! As a holiday baby, you know that this is one of the most exciting times of the year. You’ve got the chance to get a little experimental this month, so don’t be afraid to try a bold or unusual piece." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Capricorn
    "Hi there, Capricorn! You’re going to have a very special chance to shine this month, so you’re going to need a little extra sparkle. You want to look pretty, but pick a piece that calls attention to you; this is no time to be demure." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Aquarius
    "You’ll want to add a little edge this month, Aquarius. The holidays can get you tied up in traditional clothes and attitudes, but you can break free with a little moxie and the right accessories!" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Pisces
    "The stars know how hard you’ve been working for others, Pisces, and they think it’s time for you to give yourself a little something, too! Even a small luxury like this velvety, perfectly on-trend necklace can keep your spirits and your energy high." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Aries
    "Aries, you have excellent taste and you deserve more credit for it! This month, don’t be afraid to show off your personal style with a unique piece like this Oscar de la Renta necklace." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Taurus
    "This is going to be an incredibly creative month for you, Taurus! Let your artistic sensibility inform your dressing—make a statement with gorgeous patterns and unexpected textures." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Gemini
    "That sense of balance and calm you’ve been looking for, Gemini? You’re going to begin the process of getting it this month. Pick accessories in shades and stones that make you feel at home with yourself." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Cancer
    "Cancer, December is the perfect time for you to let yourself get a little more whimsical. If you don’t embrace the festive look now, you’re going to miss out. The stars aren’t advising you to wear a sweater with bells on it or anything—just have some fun." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Leo
    "Leo, you really are a lion heart, whether you feel that way all the time or not. You’re meant to relish life, so try and let everyone else’s worries slip off you for a little while and do something wild." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Virgo
    "Virgo, the stars want you to know how proud you should be! You’ve been a trooper, and you deserve to treat yourself. There’s a lot in store for you in 2013, so start collecting accessories that are ahead of the trends." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Libra
    "You’re going to have to lay down the law at some point, Libra. Having the confidence to make your voice heard can be difficult, but dressing the part will help. Shift your look to something a little tougher and statement making!" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Fashion Horoscope: Scorpio
    "Scorpio, the stars see some major drama in your future, but it’s not the bad kind! Allow yourself to stand out and don’t be afraid to get a little dark—there’s nothing wrong with upping the fashion ante once in a while." — @polyvore-editorial


Wrote two years ago
this would look great on me

Wrote three years ago
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
libra all day

Wrote three years ago
Wow it's amazing and beautiful jewelry designs..

Wrote three years ago
definitely a leo win!

Wrote three years ago
this is really good!

Wrote three years ago
Virgo Love it . Also Libra

Wrote three years ago
Leo Baby ;) Roar!

Wrote three years ago
My fav is capricorn

Wrote three years ago
I'm Aries but im kinda neutral about mine it's not a necklace tht i would wear but my description would be just like me and how I want to be wit my fashions. But I'm havin truble cuz i wear a dumb uniform!! lol

Wrote three years ago
Soy Escorpio, pero la que mas me gusta es la de Sagitario, no se si tendrá algún significado el que no me guste la mía.

Wrote three years ago
Yes, I LOVE mine. That Sagittarius necklace

Wrote three years ago
I'm Leo but I don't like mine... :/

Wrote three years ago
Aries and Leo are too beautiful, but I'm Capricorn...

Wrote three years ago
Yes to Libra!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Scorpio! Ah it's perfect!!

Wrote three years ago
I don't realy wear neclaces...but when i do ....i overdo it :P
Yes to ---)-> Sagittarius
Tommorow is my birthday!!!Yay

Wrote three years ago
I'm an Aires! Yeah, fire signs!!! Cute necklace too.

Wrote three years ago
Love all of these

Wrote three years ago
Yes to the Taurus necklace xD

Wrote three years ago
I'm a Virgo and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my necklace! Though Sagitarius, Aries and Scorpio are gorgeous too!

Wrote three years ago
I love them!

Wrote three years ago
I'm an Aries and I love my necklace. Another beautiful collection @polyvore !

Wrote three years ago
I adore when Poly make those collection with signes, mine is Cancer and I adore my necklace, pisces one is fab too!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Am a Leo but Aries & Capricorn are more my choice.

Wrote three years ago
I'm a Libra too, and I really don't like the choice. :O

Wrote three years ago
i am aquarius and really love this necklace.

Wrote three years ago
Virgo. Love it

Wrote three years ago
I'm Capricorn, and I love it :)

Wrote three years ago
I am a Libra but in this case I rather be a Virgo or a Scorpio :)


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