Short story =/ I think after I finish up the stories I have planned for December, I am going to take a break from roleplays for a month or two. My brain is fried and I want to recharge. 

Friday December 9: The annual Seattle tree lighting is taking place. It has inspired us! After a Christmas tree hunt, we’ll decorate the tree. Everyone bring at least one ornament that represents you! 
Daisy Thames;;
date: December 9, 2012
hair: in soft loose curls
wearing: a snowflake sweater, blue and grey leggings, silver ballet flats, and a baby blue rebecca minkoff bag
where: campus on way to the dorm
with: all the girls
It was officially December. Normally this time of year I would be at home decorating a tree my dad chopped down from a Christmas tree farm while we all drank hot coco. Although I still intended to drink coco this year, things were definitely different. Some of the girls in the dorm got inspired by the tree lightening in the city tonight so next thing I know we are buying a little tree from some parking lot and now the guys were lugging it back to the dorm for us to decorate. It was a makeshift decorating party.

"Daisy, hey." I looked away from the tree and saw Ava standing there. I but my lip. Nervous reaction I suppose. I hadn't seen her since before Lyla and I got back together.  Not that I had really gone out of my way.

"Oh hi Ava. How have you been?"

"Fine. Happy be back on campus after Thanksgiving break."

"Yeah I know what you mean," I replied trying to be casual. Ava and I weren't dating before Lyla and I got back together but we were making out a lot which was enough for me to feel guilty.

"So what have you been up to? I haven't seen you around in awhile..." she commented.

"Um...I got back together with Lyla just before break actually," I told her.

"Oh. That's great Daisy. Really great," she said except she didn't seem to think it was great at all. Ava seemed annoyed.

"Look," I started to say. "I didn't mean for anything-"

She cut me off before I could finish my thought. "It's not like we were dating Daisy. You don't have to worry about anything." She was still keeping up with the annoyed attitude but I decided to let it go.

“Maybe we could hang out sometime soon though. I would like too,” I said. 

“Yeah, maybe,” Ava told me then gave a little wave before walking off. It was a weird situation but Ava didn’t seem like to type to date anyone long term and my heart was with Lyla. I had to go with my heart. 

I saw that the tree and the people carrying it were way ahead of me. I ran to catch up to them. It was time to start the holidays.
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