Sorry guys, I've been really busy since were moving into a new house in a week. Here's another tip.♥♥

This depends on the type of notebook. For a composition notebook, I'd reccomend:
-Sharpie pens
-Gel pens
but for the little 1$ college ruled paper ones, use anything. If it's plastic, invest in stickers.

This is easy. Just think of some of the things you like and draw little icons that represent them. If you like music, draw music notes, your fave band's logo or even an iPod. If you like art draw little paint splatters and paint brushes. 
You can also look up pictures of your favorite cartoons or images on Google and trace them or draw them. 

Stickers. You can never have enough of them. You can get stickers at Target, Walmart or Walgreens for super-cheap, and you should also stop at some skate shops to make your notebook more Boss. :3 
Well, this is all my own creation. Hope it helps ya'll.
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