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ryver marla dreicher
{the girly girl}
birthdate: february 12, 1974
likes: lipstick, nail polish, baking, her children, her job, reading, being involved, wisconsin, hockey, memories, her ten old friends, weak men
dislikes: short-term relationships, the distance between her friends, parts of her past, the thought of online dating, biting her tongue (literally and figuratively), black coffee, laziness, how sarcastic she can be.
style: put together but quirky – a little preppy but bohemian based
personality: very shy and unintentionally funny – always saying the wrong thing growing up but at the same time being totally self-aware.
bio: Ryv was the pretty feminine one, always proper unless provoked – the one that didn’t say a whole lot until you got to know her. Ryver spent most of her time listening rather than talking. She went about her business in the normal way – she got great grades, close to the top of the class but not quite. She didn’t have a boyfriend until her fourth year of college after spending nine years pining over some guy who treated her like she was a back up until she wasn’t.
over the years: After graduating, Ryver made her way to Penn State where she studied criminology and minored in business and eventually worked her ass off to go to Yale for law school. She ended up dating Jonah Hunter, the guy she’d wanted all along in her senior year at Penn, falling madly in love with him and eventually made the leap to marry him a few months after she graduated third in her class at Yale. Four years later, along came their twins Christopher and Ella, and a year and a half later came Emerson, their son. They ended up moving to Back Bay in Boston for Jonah’s job as an associate professor at MIT, and Ryver made partner at a firm in Boston as well. Ryver is the girl that’s most devastated that the girls have drifted apart. The group meant a lot to her and kept her sane throughout her college years.
models: young emma roberts, zosia mamet, katie holmes
taken by: @vogueapparel

You’re not going to do this actually? I think to myself as I walk down the steps of the building of the class I had actually gotten out of. Meeting Jonah for coffee sounded like the stupidest idea I had ever had. I hated the guy. We had kept in touch over the years and almost had something go on last year before he got back together with his girlfriend, but that’s when I realized I had had enough. Yet I found myself walking towards the coffee shop just off campus. Idiot.

I walk into the shop and hear the familiar bell cling from the entrance of a patron. I’m in line already, it’s that long and that’s when I spot him with his shaved head and smirk on his face. Idiot. He gives a shy wave and I return a polite smile before I see him gesturing to the two beverages that were already waiting for us at the table he had. I huff a bit as I walk over there, teetering a bit on my heels waiting for something that probably wasn’t going to happen. Like it did everytime. And even if something did happen (which it wouldn’t) I was leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow to be with the girls.

“Ryv, how are you?” Jonah asks, his eyes searing right into mine like they could explore my entire self and everything I was thinking. “I’m fine,” I say shortly. He sighs before brushing a hand back through his head. “I miss you,” He says and I roll my eyes a bit. It was always the same with him. “What do you miss, Jonah? Me constantly being the fall for you when your toxic relationship ends and gets back on track a month later? Do you miss leading me on and making me feel terrible about myself? Or did you ask me hear because you can’t stand that Trey asked me out for dinner last week and you heard about it through the team?” I blurt out, a little louder than I had intended.

“You’re better than him, than this, than the way that he treats you. Stand the f-ck up for yourself, Ryv,” I hear Sam’s words ringing in my ear from our conversation the day before.

I was taking her advice. I was standing up for myself, right? I wasn’t letting him have this irrational control over me. “Ryv, it was never like that,” He starts as I take sip of my tea, ignoring the stares from the middle-aged group of women directly beside us that were smirking at my slightly obnoxious outburst. “Really, Jonah? Tell me what it was like then?” I ask him. “I’m done with her. 100%. We are over. I can’t stand having you ignore me like this. I need you in my life, kid,” I hear him say before I roll my eyes again.

“I’m going home tomorrow. You should probably work on your apology while I’m gone,” I say before gathering up my things, leaving a ten dollar bill on the table and leaving the coffee shop, more bounce in my step than when I had walked in. 

The girls were going to love this.
These visits were what kept me going.

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