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The written word, the book of life, the revelation, alpha, omega, before, never after.
The life is yours, the scales in your hands, when your world is wrong, there is no right, no left.
The Universe becomes a smear, dare you hold any fear ?
Your eyes see what you do not hear, eyes wide in awe, your brain knows you might fall.
Don't count the days, don't count the years, open your eyes, face your fears.
Will you, can you, stand up against this world's chaos? 
Topsy turvy, upside down, see it all spin all around, stop the world , let me rest a spell.
I hold the pen in my hand, as I watch my world, word by word, write it down.
When the light of day fades away and my dreams claim my thoughts, may they be kind, may they shine with loving thoughts.
For it is, and will forever be, love that will set us all free.
It has been written, is written, and will forever be.
Set and words by Linda Caricofe after a crazy week :-)
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