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Here is my little gift for you as thanks to your lovely surprise !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do know that you really love AL so that this set is tailor-made according to your particular preference with your preferred outlay too, hope that you like it, dear !!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))) Have a wonderful & blessed weekend full of joy, love, happiness & satisfaction !!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))) May all your dreams come true !!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))) 
We all know that there have been a lot of definition of LOVE so far & I wish to make a bold move by collecting all the definitions of LOVE from ALL sources that I have come across in my life & putting them into my own collection about how we define LOVE. I do know my own reflection is rather short-sighted & incomplete somehow since it's still in the process of editing. Though I wrote this reflection last year but with my busy schedule, I have yet to have time to edit it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that another better version will come out soon but for the time being this incomplete reflection version about LOVE is all I've got !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IS ................................................................................
LOVE is we know that our loves never need us but we badly need them.
LOVE is we are inspired when coming along our loves & they are mostly the reasons for all of our inspiration. 
LOVE is we know that our loves never listen to us but we still give them advice. 
LOVE is we know that our loves might never love us back but we still deeply love them .
LOVE is we know that our loves always turn their backs on us but we could never ever turn our backs on them. 
LOVE is we know that our loves will never come to us whenever we need them but we will run to them at once whenever they need us.
LOVE is we know that our loves never miss us but we truly miss them like our heart is broken.
LOVE is we know that our loves always reject our helps but we still eagerly give our hands to help them regardless. 
LOVE is we know that our loves will never walk with us through our hardest moment but we are always willing to walk with them no matter what.
LOVE is we know that our loves will never know our deep inside painful sorrows but we feel their pains truly like ours. 
LOVE is we know that our loves will never care for us but we still do really care for them. 
LOVE is we know that we might love in vain but we still madly love them.
LOVE is we feel like broken in billion pieces when they are crying. 
LOVE is we want to spend the rest of our lives with our loves. 
LOVE is we want to hold our loves’ hands till the time is actually through.
LOVE is we rather end up in unhappy experience as long as that we are with our loves than being unable to be with them anymore. 
LOVE is we want to be with our loves no matter what. 
LOVE is we dream to be our loves’ destinies despite the smallest chance of coming true.
LOVE is we could do anything mad that we could not explain later on.
LOVE is we deeply know that our lives must be incomplete without them by our sides. 
LOVE is our loves' parts become bigger & more important in our lives unconsciously. 
LOVE is we don’t know exactly how and what our loves have done to make us become so in love with them day after day. 
LOVE is ..................................................................................................
LOVE is mad, love is crazy, love make us literally insane but why we all still unconditionally love our loves with all our hearts though at least it might be in vain. It’s all because THE MOST BEAUTY OF OUR LIVES IS TO KNOW & TO FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR LOVED ONES. In a nutshell, IT’S WONDERFUL AT LEAST TO HAVE SOMEONE TO LOVE,TO CARE, TO THINK OF RATHER THAN BEING UNABLE TO FIND OUR TRUE SOULMATES, isn’t it ?
And when you feel that you are lost yourselves in someone else’s lives when they have come along your lives, you should know by now that you do really love them & you badly need them. Obviously, that “lost in love “ feeling is really true, really real & only your deep inner selves could realize that. You might lie to yourself, lie to everyone, lie to the world but could not lie to LOVE. NO ONE COULD LIE TO LOVE. 
Simply put, THE MORE WE LOVE, THE MORE WE CARE FOR OUR LOVES DESPITE HOW BAD THEY TREAT US. Once we are lost in the insane love cycle, never ever could we get out of it. NEVER EVER COULD WE REPUDIATE OUR UNTHINKABLE PASSION. 
Undeniably, we have already acquainted our loves or been unable to come back to the time when we could talk with our loves like complete strangers. YES WE ALREADY DO KNOW THEM OR OUR LOVED ONES and it’s definitely fate though might not necessarily end up in ever happy ending marriages. 
Could anyone suggest me more about LOVE definition to make my own reflection more complete ? It would be deeply appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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