Chanel Chance

Delaney Kara Bass

Hair: perfect ringlets
Scent: Vera Wang Princess
Nails: perfectly pink
Lips: glossy
Mood: anxious
Eating: blueberry muffins
Sipping: Starbucks
With: Blair
Where: the Met Steps

“Hey, Blair, I brought you your latte that you asked for.” I handed her the latte and took one step lower than her. I knew she liked to be one step above everyone else because she was the queen bee.

“So, let’s get this interview done. Let’s see. First off, what jobs have you ever done?” She asked taking a quaint sip of her latte. She looked pleased that I had gotten the order right.

“When I was living with my mom, I worked at stores like Juicy and Barney’s, but since coming to live with Chuck and Bart, I haven’t really had to work at all.” Blair’s expression read no emotion.

“How would you describe yourself? Are you a good friend and advice giver? Do you backstab people? What’s your fashion sense?” Whoa, a lot of questions at one time.

“Well, I have been told that I am the type of the girl that is very loyal. I don’t spill people’s secrets at all even when I get mad, and I am super sweet. They say I’m like the girl next door. Sometimes though, I tend to not like that. Since coming here, I have tried to change that goody girl image. I mean I want to stay good, but I also want people to know that I can party and have a good time but not go overboard.” I took a deep breath in and continued, “well my fashion sense is pretty simple. I like dressing in different shades of gray and black and white, but I also adore color as you can see. What I wear is simple yet perfect. I don’t like to pile clothes onto me when I know half of them will be stripped off once it gets too hot or I don’t want to wear them.” I took a quick sip of my latte before finishing. “And no I don’t backstab people. People usually come to me knowing that I can give them the advice they need and not to and tell gossip girl about it.”

Blair nodded her head before asking her final questions, “Drugs or arrested? And any nicknames?” Yes, simple and straight to the point.

“No, I don’t take drugs and I have never been arrested and I don’t want to be. Finally, yes I have one nickname and one nickname only, Del, which everyone has called me since I was very little.”

“Well, that went quite well don’t you think?”

“Yes, I do. Thank you for your time Blair. I helped her up and gave her her bag. We walked towards the end of the steps before departing our separate ways. She went to go see Nate while I went to go see Vince. But I was stopped mid-way after seeing that Agnes girl. I decided to go and confront her.

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