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  • You give me no reason for me to stay close to you. Tell me what lovers do. How are we still breathing? It's never for us to choose, I'll be the strength in you♥
  • When the light started out they don’t know what they heard. Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world. We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky♥
  • Cherry lips, crystal skies, I could show you incredible things. Stolen kisses, pretty lies, you're the King, baby, I'm your Queen♥
  • I can't believe what I did for love. I can't believe what I did for us. Passionately burning to flames, stitch myself up, then I do it again♥

  • Lovely:*
  • My fashion set*__*
  • Lauren!!
  • Nina Dobrev<3

  • All your love is lost on me.
  • Black is my happy colour.
  • She laughs like God her mind's like diamond.
  • So now I say goodbye to the old me.
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  • “Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” - Hamlet
  • Now I'm speechless Over the edge, I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again Hopeless, head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again
  • Then I wake up and realize this is real life

  • Trend Spotted - Suede
  • Steal her style -Katie Holmes
  • Good Night
  • Rustic lodge

  • ▲ ★•´¯`☜◄Shiny Shiny►☞ ´¯`•★▲
  • ▲◄ ✦•☛ its own reason for existing☚•✦►▲
  • ▲ ★◄ ❤✦• Once Upon A Dream • ✦❤►★▲
  • ▲ ★◄ ✦☯ ▲ want this music to be soulful▲☯✦►★▲

  • Glamour
  • Night in blues
  • M for morning
  • When you think of me

  • Pure Glow
  • Spring.
  • Ne renk bu.
  • Rakın Rol

  • Maleficent
  • Memory of Summer.
  • The Beauty and The _______
  • Who's My Girl?

  • “Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.” -Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper
  • “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” -Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) by J.K. Rowling.
  • I love new years. I love the fact that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me, no matter if it was good, bad, or average. I like that kind of closure. I love this feeling of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me, filled with new chances.
  • “In 20 years I won’t remember today; that scares me.”

  • Thinking about...
  • In the dreamy cloud
  • A dream, she had
  • Excuses

  • Diane Arbus
  • Favorite Weapon Contest!
  • Robin Williams Tribute - Genie
  • I am

  • you are an angel but they get you anyway!
  • My new life a new journey
  • Hakuna Matata <3
  • Little spooky cat
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  • Be Happy.
  • Cozy Grey
  • Feeling Blue~
  • Be Kind.

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  • Untitled...........!!!!!!!!!
  • Untitled.................
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  • 2015 - Now is the time to try something new
  • Another part of me! // Happy Birthday Birthday-Girl !
  • do you love me? - I love you like coffee in the morning ❤

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  • Holiday Soiree Style: Macy's Contest Entry
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside with Dailylook - Contest Entry
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  • Monochrome
  • Wind of change
  • Secrets
  • Gone with the wind

  • Better in black
  • Nina and Ian
  • Nina Dobrev at the première
  • the Saviour

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