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  • Watch Two Clips And New Pics From ‘Laggies’ With Keira Knightley, Chloe Moretz Sam Rockwell
    The arrested development genre, aka adultolescence, has primarily been the domain of men for many years. David Wain, Vince Vaughn, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Jona
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    Astăzi a fost lansat primul trailer al filmului 'Laggies', cu actrițele Keira Knightley și Chloe Moretz in rolurile principale.
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  • Keira Knightley and Ellie Kemper Parody Crazy Wedding Dances in Laggies
    This weekend, I strongly suggest adding Laggies, which opens Friday, to your plans. The movie stars Keira Knightley as Megan, a twentysomething going through a quarter-life crisis who forms an unlikely friendship with a teen (played by the always brilliant Chloe Grace Moretz). It's a sweet movie about coming of age—but some of my favorite moments involved Ellie Kemper, who plays Allison, Keira's high school BFF. Their scenes feel all too familiar for many women in their twenties and early thirties: They thought they would be close forever—but Allison gets married and takes on other "grown-up" responsibilities, while Megan struggles to find a career. As their lives take different directions, they start to drift apart. And what could showcase that more than their reactions to an over-the-top wedding dance? Check out an exclusive clip from the film below. You'll feel like you've lived this scene before. Laggies opens Friday, October 24.
  • Watch New U.K. Trailer For Lynn Shelton's 'Laggies' Starring Chloe Moretz, Keira Knightley And Sam Rockwell
    When American movies travel abroad, they sometimes are interestingly renamed. For example, "The Hangover" became "Very Bad Trip" in France,