Hello darlings! I wanted to experiment with a new layout) Hope you'll like it! Thanx
I was tagged by @skyekiss in her awesome bright pretty set; http://www.polyvore.com/2013_is_here/set?id=67666508
So, I'm going to tell about my 10 obsessions)
- Make a set of any kind.
- In the description, include 10 things that you are obsessed with at the moment, or that you're really interested in.
My ten obsessions and me:
1) Fashion! I can spend hours reading glossy magazines and searching for trends! It's so interesting and funny)
2) Going to a gym) I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a runway body, so I'm training with my personal coach twice a week and I train alone 3-4 times a week!!!
3) Diet) I know it sounds strange, but I can't live without keeping on a diet! I always eat fruit, vegetables, 2 times a week I eat boiled meat and sometimes in the morning I eat fatless yougurt! i'm crazy about counting calories and I don't eat after 6 p.m.)) That's true, I don't lie! You can ask my sis @bellainpolyvore if you don't believe me!
4) Music! I started palying the piano when i was 6) I love it and I put all my heart into it!)))
5) Reading. I love books and I spend much time on them!)) It's really exciting! They will take you everywhere)
6) Luxury shopping! I adore it more than just shopping! Like in Harrods, Gоеthestraße and so on!
7) Going to beaury salons!!!! Love to have manicure, massage, cosmetologic treatment, etc.
8) Writing! I love writing stories, essays, articles- everything!!!
9) Dreaming of future! yeah, I dream TOO much*)
10) And the last thing is...- Polyvore!
I tag @n-kr, @myduza-and-koteczka, @majkotka, @xoxo-julianne, @bellainpolyvore, @bestdressx, @darkchocolatee, @biljanamilenkovic, @marija-lola-grujicic and... @fashiondare
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