Delilah Pruett

Full Name: Delilah Bay Pruett
Age:14 and 3/4
Clique Preference: Elites
Character and Personality: Delilah is . . . well, to put it nicely, out there. To put it plainly, she's crazy. But, she's nice, fun, and a good listener, if you can get past her eccentricity. She's also deceptively smart.
Hometown: on the coast of Maine
Biography: Delilah's parents are as strange as she is. Her mother Clementine loves black and white movies, and her father, Hollis, is a tattoo artist. Though Delilah grew up with money, her parents raised her to appreciate the little things in life, to be a nonconformist, and to express herself. Her parents never let her call them "Mom and Dad," preferring to be called their actual names. Spent a lot of her childhood in an un-air conditioned shack on the coast, a place owned by her best friend's parents that was known for its surf and turf

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