Full Name: Della Charlotte Iero Toivonen (Way) 
Face Claim: Kelli Garner 

Race: Italian/German/Portuguese 

H't: 5'10" 

Hair: Wavy-Curly, Auburn (natural), Light brown with two pink streaks, White Blonde (Gerard's Color during black parade) down to hips. 

Eyes: Sea-Green with a hazel tint. 

Eyebrows': Dark brown more arched than Straight. 

Eyelashes: black very thick and full. 

Skin: Same color as Frank's pale olive. 

Scars & things on face: Scar on nose from a switchblade fight in '04. 

Style: Adrienne Armstrong: Punkish normal, mixed with Courtney Love (Young) Kinderwhore. 

Family: Arron Mario Iero (Grandfather), Betty Hayley Alamanni (Iero) (Grandmother), Mathew Gerard Russo (Grandfather), Regina Erin Zimmermann (Russo), Frank Anthony Iero Sr. (father), Deborah "Donnie" Zimmermann-Russo (Iero), Frank Anthony Iero Jr. Brother, Jamia Olivia Nester (Iero) sister in law, Cherry Betty Hayley Iero Niece, Lilly Regina Erin Iero, Miles Pudge Iero nephew, Donna Lee Rush (Way) Mother in law, Donald William Way father in law, Gerard Arthur Way Husband, Michel "Mikey" Way brother in law Raymond Manuel Toivonen Brother Krista Joan Quinn (Toivonen) sister in law, Eric "Ricky" Chadwick Toivonen nephew, Donald "Sid" Sydney Toivonen bio father. 
Early Life: Della Charlotte Iero was born May 16th 1985; in the Bronx, New York. Her mother Deborah "Donnie" Iero (neé Zimmermann-Russo) and her father Frank Iero Sr. already had a son with each other Frank Iero who was four at the time. Her mom was 30 when she had Della, her dad was 28. She had a fairly normal childhood she attended St. Anthony's saint catholic school until she 11. When Della was turned 10. Her father was indented Bi Polar, he abused her and Frank's mother. When he found out he was not Frank and Della's dad. When they came home from school he hit Frank Della was only 10. She ran up to Frank asking him if he was okay, her dad hit her also. But there mother walked in the door when Della got hit with her dad's spiked belt from his teen years on her back. Deborah got the hell out. Moving in with her parents. 
When Della was 11, Her mom filed Divorce. During the custody battle went on. Frank her brother walked up to the judge and he told him about the scene. When Toivonen (Iero-Way) was 12 her mother Donnie got full custody and child support from Frank Sr.. They ended moving to New Jersey, New Yurk the suburb of New York and New Jersey Belleville New Jersey. When they moved there she met Gerard Way who was then a best friend of hers now husband, Ray Toivonen (Toro) brother then best friend, Mikey Way friend now brother in law, and Bob Byar friend. 

In 2001, Gerard's family had to attend the funeral of his Grandfather Gerard Dallas Clinton Way. On 9/11 she was in school on the PA they told they news she started to worry. When Gerard and Mikey came back safely she was happy. 

Personal Life: Della is Catholic, she says "If you Don't like my religion don't buy my albums, unfollow me on social Media." Toivonen has suffers from Depression and drug abuse. She went to rehab in 2006 for Weed and heroine also whiskey abuse. She was alcohol-free for 7 months she became a beer drinker and a cigarette smoker that same year. She did start smoking Weed again. 

Love life: Toivonen met Lou Taylor Pucci on the set of Green Day's Jesus Of Suburbia. Toivonen and Pucci dated for one month and them got engaged after dating 3 months. She broke of the engagement two weeks before the wedding. Toivonen Slept with Brendon Urie of Panic! Of at the disco., during warped '06. Toivonen and Gerard Way become a couple with Way on; October, 27th 2007. In 2012 they got engaged Toivonen say's; "He texted me at like 10:00 am with the help of Mchmon {Andrew} there Pianist and his brother Mikey. He texted me Drunk, and Mikey took a picture of Gerard's hands as he held my engagement ring. He sent that to me. And it woke me, a few minutes later, there was a text; "Marry Me?", then he got home. And he walked in. And I said "yes". Or else I would not be: Della Charlotte Toivonen-Way." 
There wedding was on the last date of the Sessions tour. At 924 GILMAN street. Which was mistered by Her Step-Uncle Eddie a Catholic minster. 

Toivonen is a Republican Toivonen voted for MITT Romany. 

Toivonen is a fan of Manchester United Fan. And a Italy Soccer team fan. Her bloodline is; Italian, German and Portuguese.

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