Dellen Garland * Sirus Stormcloak

Original Name: Dellen Garland
Given name: Sirus Stormcloak
Age: 18
D.O.B: August 30th
Biography: Dellen was born in a small shack in siberia. His parents were american but they were in siberia at the time and he popped out. He was sent to Hyranch Institute for the odd after his parents were killed via frostbite. He resided in england for the most part of his life. He always knew he was different, just not how. He has only used his powers once, but by accident and didn't know he was using them. He has since gotten out and Renamed himself. He had discovered his power in the institute. Be scared.
Personality: Dellen was always a quiet boy. He didn't do much with people. Dellen was shy and reserved. He is now, Sirus Stormcloak. He's brutal, thorough, Alert, Athletic, smart, cunning, deceptive, kind, rude, vicious, charming, a great actor, attractive, daring, firm, impressive, detached, uneasy, selfish, selfless and much more.
Appearance: Asos/River Island Model pictured in set
Ability: Power Mimicry (Is there a certain skill you wish you could be good at? Power mimicry would allow you to copy or absorb another’s powers or skills, so you could swim as fast as Michael Phelps, direct movies as impeccably as Steven Spielberg, or write as many best-selling novels as J.K. Rowling.)
Other: Do we pick the group things or what? If so can I be Virtus?

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