Lena Headey as Demeter the goddess of the harvest.
Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth and the sacred giver of food and grain. She is often described simply as the goddess of the harvest, although she presided also over the sacred law, and the cycle of life and death.
It is said that because of Demeter, the world has seasons. When her daughter Persephone was abducted and taken to the Underworld, Demeter was so distraught and worried that she forbade crops and plants to grow. Fruits and trees wilted and the land grew cold until Persephone returns to Demeter and the world above. As Persephone consumed pomegranate seeds from the Underworld, she was forced to return and spend four to six months of the year with Hades. When she came back up to earth, spring returned and the cold receded.

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