so @nightwatchman tagged me this questions for 10 people including me here there are:
Rule O1: Always post the rules.
Rule O2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule O3: Tag 11 new people

1.Favorite animal?
Tough one, always had been tiger when I was little but then changed to lion and I also like dogs and cats :)

2. Why do you like Polyvore?
Because it's awesome :D has creative people and I like making sets from the top of my head.

3. Favorite book series?
Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Warriors Cats

4. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Edward/Jacob, or Peeta/Gale?
Percy Jackson 

5) Favorite Number? 17

6) Favorite Food? Pizza + Pasta I'm Italian duh!

7) Have you seen Cyberbully? If not go watch it! =) Nope

8) Hair color? Brown

9) Eye Color? Hazel

10) Favorite Movie? The Lion King

11) Favorite Singer? Way too many, but right now 1D 

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1. Favorite book series
2. Favorite movie
3. Favorite number
4. Role model
5. Have an imaginary friend at one time?
6. Favorite book when you were little
7. Favorite TV show
8. Favorite brand name
9. Wear makeup?
10. Favorite accessories
11. Do you consider you have good luck, bad luck, or in the middle?

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